Are You One of the 25% Who Can Pass This Quiz on Nuclear Bombings?

Most of us will fail this one...

The development of nuclear weapons is one of the most pivotal and yet unsettling parts of human history. It's certainly an important threshold that our society crossed.

That many countries (you will be quizzed on just how many) now have the ability to inflict this catastrophic level of damage on others is concerning. Assured mutual destruction seems to have kept us relatively safe in the several decades that have passed since we developed this key technology, however. Still, nuclear weapons have caused mass destruction on our planet in the past and threatened to do so for a long time after as well.

Only 1 in 4 people will be able to pass this quiz on the history of atomic bombings. If you are one of the minority that happen to know a lot about our history with these weapons of mass destruction then you might be able to pass this quiz.

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