Can We Accurately Guess Your Age Based on How You Rate These Old-School Dishes?

Are these oldies goodies?

Can I Guess Your Age by How You Rate Old-School Dishes? Quiz

Doesn't it sometimes feel like there's a new food trend every month? Whether it's a new super food (kale anyone?), a new Starbucks drink going viral on TikTok (iced white mocha with sweet cream foam and caramel drizzle), a new fusion cuisine (Italian meets French meets Vietnamese), or a new hotspot, the latest fads are usually ephemeral and hard to keep up with.

While it's exciting to see new inventions in the culinary world, sometimes the best things come from the past. You know, the dinners Mom made when you were a kid. The ones you probably don't get to eat quite as often anymore.

Take your palate on a journey through time and revisit these culinary gems from days of yore. A few of these retro dishes and desserts have, for the most part, disappeared. Some have managed to stand the test of time, and some ... well the jury is still out. Share your sentiments on each one of them, and we'll try to guess your age.


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Can I Guess Your Age by How You Rate Old-School Dishes? Quiz Questions