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Only a Food Snob Can Get 15/15 on This Quiz

Do you know what these fancy food terms mean?
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For people who are used to eating fast food or home-cooked food, dining at a fancy restaurant may be a daunting experience. This is especially so if they go to a fine-dining restaurant, where multiple uncommon terms are used on the menu. Some even include words from languages you may not understand.

Let's start with a simple term: ร  la carte. This means ordering something as a separate item rather than as part of a set meal. If you want to order something artisan but you're not too sure what that means, just know that it was specially crafted and not mass produced. If you want pasta with some texture, order it al dente. That's when it is cooked to be firm to the bite.

In this quiz, you get to find out if you're a food snob in hiding! All you have to do is to identify the actual meaning behind the following words used in the culinary industry. How well do you think you can do?

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Only a Food Snob Can Get 15/15 on This Quiz Questions

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