☕ Open a Café And We’ll Reveal the State You Actually Belong in

Are you living in the right place?

For a coffee lover, traveling can be a very interesting experience, especially when you are on the lookout for the most unique cafés in the city. It may be difficult to narrow down the spots to visit for a good cuppa, but that's where we come in! Here are some of the world's best places for coffee.

If you're a fan of strong and sweet coffee drinks, you should plan a trip to Cuba. Here you get to try an espresso shot brewed with sugar, the Café Cubano, or an espresso shot with milk, a cortadito. If you dislike mass produced coffee from bigger chains, plan an escapade to Iceland, where there is a focus on independent coffee shops. This means that a higher quality of coffee is promoted throughout the country.

And now, here's your chance to open your very own café! Build one and customize it in terms of menu items, setting, perks, and more. The café you build will reveal the state you actually belong in.

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