😒 This Pet Peeves Quiz Will Reveal What % Easily Annoyed You Are

Do you hate it when people ignore your text messages?

If you are a person who easily gets annoyed by little things, you spend more of your time in an unpleasant mental state than most people. Who wants to feel angry all the time? There is nothing more irritating than being annoyed. There is this sort of self-perpetuating cycle that annoyance goes through. First, you're upset that someone has done something annoying. Then, you become upset that this person has put you in an annoyed state. Then you blame him or her for you feeling annoyed and the cycle continues.

It's best to just not to get annoyed at things. You can learn how to put things in the proper perspective so that they don't make you angry all the time. Some people enjoy being angry and annoyed, however, so you do you and don't let us tell you how to live your life. Go ahead and take this pet peeves quiz and we'll tell you what percentage easily annoyed you are.

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