I Bet You Can’t Identify More Than 10/15 of These Pixar Movie Foods

Are you a true Pixar expert?

When it comes to Pixar films, trying to pick a favorite is like trying to decide which of your children you love the most. All of these movies are special, with a narrative focused on characters meeting, falling in like, and going on adventures together. The animated characters have the propensity to evoke various emotions in us. Scenes like the married life montage in Up and Andy's farewell in Toy Story 3 have driven grown adults to grab a few tissues (or perhaps more than a few).

Other than the emotive storytelling, one element that makes the characters so relatable is the use of food. Who can forget Remy's amazing colorful vegetable dish in Ratatouille and the empire cookies in Brave?

Let's see how much you were paying attention to some of the food scenes in Pixar movies. Can you pick out the food items from 15 Pixar movies? Just to keep you on your toes, we have included some items which had less prominent scenes, and more of aย blink-and-you-miss-it role in the movies, but were there all the same.

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I Bet You Can't ID More Than 10 of Pixar Movie Foods Quiz Questions

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