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๐Ÿ• After You Order an Entire Pizza Meal We’ll Reveal What Attracts People to You

Is it your sparkling personality or your good looks?
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When it comes to meals that are both delicious and convenient, pizza takes the cake or, rather, the pie, every time. Pizza is one of the few foods that holds a special place in pretty much everyone's hungry hearts.

Pizza is the epitome of a perfect snack. It combines a crispy crust that's drenched in savory sauce and concealed underneath a mountain of melty, gooey cheese. What's not to love about these divinely delicious triangles?

And that's not even considering the endless array of toppings you can layer on to craft the ultimate heaven-sent snack.ย Plus, it's quick, inexpensive and available at the wee hours of the night.

Pretend you are ordering a meal of pizza for your four-hour Netflix binge. How would you customize your order to your liking? Your choice of pizza toppings will reveal exactly what people find most appealing about you. Who knew your taste in food could be so telling?

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