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🥔 Can We Guess Your Generation Based on the Different Ways You’ve Eaten Potatoes?

A spud-tacular quiz!

Potatoes are the ultimate comfort food — soft, hearty, starchy, and filling. This ancient root vegetable is packed with important vitamins and minerals along with a wonderful array of flavors and textures. The popular tuber is also easy to grow and relatively affordable, making it a staple ingredient in many cuisines. Cultures around the world have their own unique ways for serving potato dishes. From mashed to fried and roasted to scalloped, there are endless ways to cook up a potato. The versatility of this reliable food makes it an eternally popular food all over the world.

In the following quiz, you'll see a showcase of the many ways to eat the humble spud. How many different potato dishes have you tried in your life? Based on your potato-eating experience, we'll identify the generation you're from. Will we get it right? Only one way to find out. Let's go!


⚠️ May contain spoilers
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Can I Guess Generation by Different Ways You've Eaten P… Quiz Questions

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