We Know How Privileged You Are Based on Your ๐Ÿด Eating Habits

How lucky are you in life?

Some people lead lives that are more privileged than others. This privilege can be seen in a personโ€™s lifestyle, including his or her eating habits. There are little clues about how privileged you are that will come out in your grocery shopping and dining choices. Once we add up all the little clues and analyze them rigorously, we are able to determine just how socially advantaged you really are compared to others. You may be a very privileged person or you may perhaps be less fortunate in life, we will know either way.

To find out how privileged you are, all you must do is answer these question as honestly as you can. The results we gather might surprise you. Sometimes we arenโ€™t able to notice how privileged we are ourselves, and need to be shown it by others or on a quiz like this. If you would like to know how privileged you might be, then take this quiz right now.

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We Know How Privileged You Are by Your Eating Habits Quiz Questions

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