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๐Ÿฅค Rate These Strange Sodas and We’ll Guess Your Actual Height

Bacon-flavored soda. Yay or nay?

The world of soda has moved past Coke and Pepsi. Today, soda makers are flooding the market with bizarre flavors and new takes on old classics.

Did you know that it's possible to find soda that tastes like bacon, pumpkin pie or turkey and gravy? These sodas โ€” and many more wacky flavors like them โ€” are available in fancy soda shops and on the internet. Some are better than you'd think, some are worse than you fear, but they all have to be experienced at least once.

Among brands who like to get adventurous with their drinks is Pepsi, which unleashed some limited-edition sodas called Pepsi Ghost one Halloween season. The sodas under this line had fourteen mystery flavors. Would you dare to try a drink that had an undisclosed taste?

If you're adventurous enough, you'd be intrigued by the following soda flavors. Rate these quirky sodas and we can guess your height accurately!


โš ๏ธ May contain spoilers
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