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Choose Which of These Characters to Revive and We’ll Reveal Your Street Smart %

Some people are book smart, while others are street smart.

Have you ever wanted to revive a character who died in a film or TV show? This quiz gives you the chance to do exactly that. We give you the option of bringing certain characters back to life and based on who you choose, we can determine what percentage of street smart you are. You will be faced with a list of characters who have died in popular films and television shows. Simply select which character you would most want to revive.

The characters you select to bring back to life reveal little clues about you and how street smart you are. We add up all the results and are able to determine just how street smart you really are. Perhaps you are very street smart and if thatโ€™s the case, we will be able to tell based on the answers you give. On the other hand, you might not be very street smart and we will be able to determine that as well.


โš ๏ธ May contain spoilers
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