✈️ If You Score 11/15 on This Geography Quiz, You’re a Seasoned Traveler

Make your high school geography teacher proud.

️ If You Score 11 on This Geography Quiz, You're Seasoned Traveler

Geography is one of the more difficult and important subjects that we all study in school. Some people develop a real enthusiasm for the subject and continue to study it throughout their lives, while others may choose to pursue different fields later in life. Nonetheless, even if you aren't a geography scholar, teacher, or academic of the field, as long as you have a love for travel and learning, you can also do really well on this quiz. After all, geography is a subject that you can learn not just through books but also through experience.

This quiz will test your knowledge on the countries, capitals and cities of the world, important landmarks, oceans, landforms and other parts of our planet. Are you well-traveled enough to pass this quiz with flying colors? Take up the challenge, start the quiz, and find out if you are a true geography expert.

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Geography Trivia Quizzes
  1. If We Give You a Hint, Can You Name the Most Populated Cities in the World?
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  6. These 15 Geography Questions Will Test Every Corner of Your Mind
  7. Only Map Masters Can Tell Which Country Is Bigger in This Size Showdown Challenge 🗺️
  8. If You Can Pass This Quiz, Holy Heck Your Geography Is Good
  9. It’s Just for Fun, But Let’s See If You Can Get 15/20 on This Geography Test
  10. ❓ Can You Guess What These Countries Are Based on the 3 Clues I Give You?
  11. If You Don’t Get a “C” Or Better on This Geography Quiz, You Need to Repeat 5th Grade
  12. Can You Get 19/25 on This Genius-Level European Flags Quiz That’s on Hard Mode?
  13. 🗺️ Sorry, But Only Some People Will Be Able to Make It Around the World in This Geography Quiz
  14. 🌏 These Brainteasers About Asian Countries Will Stump Most Geography Experts
  15. Are You Smarter Than a Historian? 🏛️ Take the Epic Historical Geography Quiz That Will Stump 99% of People!
  16. Can You Pass a Middle School Geography Test?
  17. Can You Make It Around the 🌎 World With This 28-Question Trivia Quiz?
  18. 🌍 These Brainteasers About African Countries Will Stump Most Geography Experts
  19. Can You Conquer This Geography Challenge Where Every Answer Starts With ‘C’?
  20. 🗺️ This Geography Quiz Will Separate the Experts from the Pretenders
  21. If You Can Ace This 24-Question 🌎 Geography Quiz on Your First Try, You’re Way Too Smart
  22. Can You Get at Least 75% On This 24-Question Geography Test Without Googling?
  23. Are You One of the 10% Who Can Get at Least 18 on This 24-Question Geography Quiz?
  24. Can You Answer One Geography Question for EVERY Letter in the Alphabet?
  25. This U.S. Geography Quiz Stumps 90% Of American Students — Can You Pass It?
  26. Can You Make It Through the Geography Version of “Two Truths and a Lie”?
  27. 5-Letter Countries Quiz – Can You Identify All 26 of Them?
  28. 🏰 9 in 10 People Can’t Pass This General Knowledge Quiz on European Cities. Can You?
  29. If You Can Get 16/20 on This Geography Quiz, You’re the Smartest Person I Know
  30. You Probably Aren’t That Good in Geography, But If You Are, Try This Quiz


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️ If You Score 11 on This Geography Quiz, You're Seasoned Traveler Questions