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✈️ If You Score 11/15 on This Geography Quiz, You’re a Seasoned Traveler

Make your high school geography teacher proud.
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Geography is one of the more difficult and important subjects that we all study in school. Some people develop a real enthusiasm for the subject and continue to study it throughout their lives, while others may choose to pursue different fields later in life. Nonetheless, even if you aren't a geography scholar, teacher, or academic of the field, as long as you have a love for travel and learning, you can also do really well on this quiz. After all, geography is a subject that you can learn not just through books but also through experience.

This quiz will test your knowledge on the countries, capitals and cities of the world, important landmarks, oceans, landforms and other parts of our planet. Are you well-traveled enough to pass this quiz with flying colors? Take up the challenge, start the quiz, and find out if you are a true geography expert.

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️ If You Score 11 on This Geography Quiz, You're Seasoned Traveler Questions

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