If You Get 12/15 on This Quiz, You Are a ๐Ÿš€ Space Race Expert

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If You Get 12 on This Quiz, You Are a Space Race Expert

As part of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, the "space race" competition is one of the most interesting periods in human history. It was also the most wholesome and least violent aspect about the Cold War. In other areas of the conflict, armies were fighting over whether countries would be communist or capitalist, stockpiling nuclear weapons, and doing all sorts of dangerous things. With the space race, all they did was to try to see who had the best technology in space.

The Space Race was easily the most productive part of the conflict between the two adversaries as well. Much of what society learned about space exploration and the technology it developed during this time is still relevant to our world today. Whether you are a space enthusiast, or would like to learn more about the history of space travel, take this quiz, answer the questions as best as you can, and we will see how knowledgeable you are on this fascinating topic.


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If You Get 12 on This Quiz, You Are a Space Race Expert Questions