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Spend a Day in Hawkins and We’ll Reveal Your Fate in “Stranger Things”

How would you fare in the fictitious town?
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So, you're thinking of spending some time in Hawkins, Indiana? Despite the numerous reports of residents who have gone missing, the increasing government presence, and the possibility of a Soviet espionage mission taking place, these incidents have not soured your idea on heading to the town. After all, a new mall just opened up! There's an ice cream shop, a RadioShack and even a place to get a hot dog on a stick!

Pretend to spend the day in Hawkins and we will be able to tell you how you would have fared if you were an actual resident of the fictitious town. Would you be like Mike, Eleven, Dustin, and Lucas and bravely march into new adventures? Or would you be more like Barb, who disappeared without a trace after hardly any screen time at all?

Take this quiz and answer some questions about how your day in Hawkins would be like, and we will tell you your fate if you existed in the Stranger Things universe.

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⚠️ May contain spoilers
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Spend Day in Hawkins to Know Your Fate in Stranger Thin… Quiz Questions

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