Would You Say Yay or Nay to These Vintage Foods?

Are you hungry for a tuna-gelatin combo?

Flipping through some of the old cookbooks of the mid-20th century brings back a lot of memories. Back then, our moms and grandmas didn't care much for perfecting the presentation, but did like to dabble in some interesting recipes.

While most of the old recipe books have some classics like roast beef, sponge cakes and Ginger biscuits, there are many surprising reminders of how people ate in the yesteryears without thinking of heart disease or obesity.

Fishy Jell-Os, mayonnaise frosting, lard, canned foods, gelatin and meat were all used interchangeably – it was the first type of fusion food! These are recipes from leaner times, grounded in thriftiness and imperishability and resourcefulness.

With foods like mysterious meat molds, jiggly gelatin salads and gloopy mayo-marshmallow casseroles, how many of these retro American dishes from the '50s and '60s are you able to stomach? Take a walk through memory lane with these post-war foods from the mid century.

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Would You Say Yay or Nay to These Vintage Foods?



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