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Which Decade Should You Have Been Born In?

Do you belong in another time?
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There is a big difference between people who were born in different decades. Not only are they at least a few years apart in age but they also grew up during different times. What we see and experience in the world during our formative years ends up playing a large role in the type of person we become. That is why there is such a difference between people of different generations, even if they come from the same geographic location.

World events which happened when we were growing up, ideologies we came into contact with, and even the music and movies we were exposed to can shape who we are. We've all got different ideas and opinions and the time we were born into plays a role in creating who we are.

Perhaps your interests and ideas are better suited to someone who has been born in a different decade from the one you were. Answer these questions and we will be able to tell you which decade you should have been born into.

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Which Decade Should You Have Been Born In? Quiz Questions

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