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Can We Guess What You Look Like Based on Your Favorite TV Characters?

Do you like the people that look like you?
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Among the plethora of television shows that are available on cable and streaming services for us to watch and enjoy, there must be a couple of shows that have caught your attention. The show may have appealed to you due to its captivating storyline or the attractive cast. You may feel a strong connection with some characters. Whether you love them or hate them, some characters keep you hooked on the show, and you can't wait to see what happens to them.

You may be charmed by Archie Andrews, Riverdale's resident lover boy. You may be hysterical seeing Sheldon's antics on The Big Bang Theory, and also enjoy seeing his transition from quirky genius to compassionate and loving fiance. Or you may find something in common with one of the many misunderstood women in Orange Is The New Black.

Let's see if there's something in common between you and your favorite TV characters. Pick out a character you love the most from the following shows and we'll try to guess what you look like. After all, we tend to like people that are most like us!

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Can I Guess You Look Like by Your Favorite TV Character… Quiz Questions

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