Which Three Disney Characters Are You a Combo Of?

Are you a Simba-Elsa-Woody?

Disney films have given us so many characters with different personalities that it is surely hard for us to keep up with all of them. Interestingly, many of us may not have noticed that some of them come together as trios.

One of the most popular trios in the Disney franchise is definitely Huey, Dewey, and Louie. Donald Duck's nephews come together to create havoc, often at the expense of their uncle. Their adorable and mischievous nature reminds us of our own nephews or sons. Their female counterparts also form a trio - Daisy Duck's triplet nieces April, May, and June. Who can forget the Three Little Pigs, who have been featured in multiple Disney programs? Another popular one is formed by the aliens from Toy Story. A true trio, the aliens even speak together!

Ever wondered which trio of assorted Disney characters you are? Pick your favorite option in the following Disney-related questions, and we'll tell you which three Disney characters you're a combination of!

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Which Three Disney Characters Are You A Combo Of? Quiz Questions

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