Everyone Has a Batman Villain That Matches Their Personality β€” Who Are You?

You're going to Arkham Asylum.

Which Batman Villain Are You?
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Batman has taken on all sorts ofΒ challengers throughout the course of his career. Some of the most evil, heinous, and dastardly criminals in history have worked their way through the underbelly of Gotham City and ended up duking it out with Bruce Wayne's superhero alter ego. With all of those bad guys under his belt, the caped crusader has fought nearly every kind of evil-doer there ever has been.

For all the different villains that Batman has ever battled, you most likely share a similar personality with at least one of them. Perhaps you are much like one of the dark knight's more well-known nemeses, or you could be more closely related to a lesser-known foe, possibly from the comic books.

To find out which specific Batman villain you are most similar to, take this quiz, and we will let you know which Batman enemy is much like you.

Which Batman Villain Are You? Quiz Questions