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🥖 Hey, We Bet You Haven’t Tried at Least 16/31 of These Breads from Around the World

Time to stop loafing around and take this quiz!
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Bread, in all its various forms, has supported meals around the world for thousands of years. Not only is it an important source of carbohydrates, it is also portable and compact, cheap and easy to make. The humble accompaniment comes in all forms, shapes and sizes. From the classic baguette in France to the sweet, puffy panettone in Italy, bread has been an integral part of our diets and pretty much every cuisine and culture in the world.

While we tend to think of France and Italy as the world leaders in the fancy bread department, a world of carb-laden goodness exists beyond those countries. Whether it is tucking into a beautifully baked traditional stollen in Germany at Christmas or mopping up a luscious, savory gravy with naan in India, there are many gorgeous-looking bread varieties to try all around the globe.

Show off your globe-trotting skills by munching your way through this quiz of 31 different breads from all over the world. How many have you actually tried?

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Hey, I Bet You Haven't Tried 16 of Breads from Around W… Quiz Questions

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