Can You Correctly Answer 20 Random Questions?

How many will you get right?

It is hard enough to have to take a test on one particular topic that you're not very familiar with. So can you imagine the difficulty level if you are tested on various random subjects? That is exactly what this quiz is about. To increase your odds of passing, here are some hints on what will be tested.

As with most trivia quizzes, some questions will be related to science. You need to know your animal classifications in order to correctly group certain species. You should also know a little about the alcohol making process. Your historical knowledge will be tested when we ask you about popular freedom fighters, buildings, and how a certain country gained independence. Be sure to look out for questions on geometry, geography, and more!

Based on your level of general knowledge, do you think you can get through all 20 questions and pass this quiz? Well, only one way to find out!

Quiz Playlist

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