💖 If You Like Eating 27/35 of These Aphrodisiacs, You’re a 🥰 Real Romantic

Your partner is so lucky.

💖 If You Like Eating 27/35 of These Aphrodisiacs, You’re a 🥰 Real Romantic

Named after the Greek goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, aphrodisiacs are foods that some believe can put one in an amorous mood. Many of these foods are commonly found in our diets, including leafy greens, fruits, spices, seeds, nuts, and chocolate.

Whether these everyday foods actually bring about an increase in desire is up for debate, but certain foods do contain compounds that put one in a good mood. Capsaicin in spicy foods like hot peppers enhance bodily sensations and may lead to increased respiration and heart rate. Antioxidants in healthy foods like strawberries, pomegranates, artichokes and dark chocolate can help improve your blood flow.

As you go through this list of romance-sparking foods, you may be surprised to find that a good number of them are foods you probably eat every day. For most of these foods, eating them can help keep you in the pink of health, if not in a romantic mood.

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💖 If You Like Eating 27/35 of These Aphrodisiacs, You’re a 🥰 Real Romantic Quiz Questions