Assemble a Team to Fight Thanos in Infinity War and We’ll Reveal If You Won or Not

Will your team of heroes survive?

The universe is at threat from the wrath of an interstellar bad guy, and it is up to your team of heroes to save everyone from his powerful and villainous hands.

In his quest to be the self-professed savior of the cosmos, Thanos has been bringing mass destruction, death and suffering to planet after planet. Consumed with the idea of saving the universe from itself, he needs to collect all six infinity stones - space, reality, power, mind, time, and soul, with every stone making him immensely more powerful. Once he collects all six, he can wipe out half the lives in the universe with just the snap of a finger.

You have a colossal mission ahead of you. You must fend off The Black Order minions, stand up to Marvel's baddest villain himself, and prevent any of the infinity stones from getting into their hands at all costs. Bring together some of the greatest and bravest heroes, and maybe even get some former foes on your side. Will your team emerge victorious and save the universe in the infinity war?

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