Assemble an All-Star Action Hero Team and We’ll Reveal If You Won or Not

Your chance to have Terminator and Luke Skywalker on the same team.

Action movies come in varied flavors with fight sequences, high speed car chases, gigantic robots, and heroes with super powers. The plots are a mix of characters seeking justice, characters on the run, and characters fighting aliens or zombies, but they all deliver the knuckle-bruising goods along the way. The protagonist usually tries to achieve his goal by breaking boundaries and saving the innocents.

Arguably one of the biggest action stars is Sylvester Stallone. His well-honed physique made him a perfect choice for his breakout role as Rocky, the underdog fighter who ended up fighting for the title. Arnold Schwarzenegger is another heavyweight in this film genre, based on his roles in Commando and The Terminator. These top-tier classics had him disposing bad guys in the coolest ways and uttering catchy phrases.

Imagine you are about to face off with a high-powered team of villains. You'll need to handpick a team to engage in battle. Will you have someone with magic powers or a Kung Fu master? Plan your strategy, choose wisely, and we'll determine if your ensemble of action heroes won or not!

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