Can You Get at Least 12/15 on This Basic Science Quiz?

Will you make your high school teachers proud?

Science is literally the study of how the world works. For something that is limitless, scientific studies help us have a good hold of the world around us. People who are very into this subject may be viewed as nerds, but they possess the answers to important questions most of us wouldn't know.

Have you ever thought about how much you actually know about your body? There is much to the human anatomy that you probably haven't even heard of. It is also interesting to think of the origin of certain common items that we see and use every day, like how bronze or table salt is created. Looking up into the sky above us and taking in everything is impossible, but you should be familiar with the moon phases and planets of the solar system.

In this quiz, you get to take on some basic science questions that high schoolers are comfortable with answering. Your goal? Score at least a 12 out of a possible 15. Can you do it? Let us know!

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Can You Get at Least 12/15 on This Basic Science Quiz? Questions

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