Would You Rather Eat Boomer Foods or Millennial Foods?

This one is a toughie.

You may be surprised at how different the eating habits are between the two largest American generations of the last few centuries โ€” the baby boomers and the millennials. Boomers are far older than their millennial counterparts, and the two groups grew up eating very different types of food. Due to the "boom" of babies born post-WWII, meals made at home were cheap, frozen, and easily prepared. More children equaled less time to cook, which skyrocketed pre-packaged meals into common use.

For millennials, also known as Generation Y, food isn't just there to satisfy their hunger, or even their tastebuds. Dining is a lifestyle in its own right. Avocado toast, pumpkin spice lattes, veggie shakes, meatless burgers, and everything that comes in a bowl: even if you haven't eaten it, you would've seen it on Instagram. Whether you like following modern food trends or not, itโ€™s hard to deny that millennials are changing the way we consume and perceive food.

Are baby boomer foods more to your liking, or are you a fan of modern foods? Whatever your generation is, it's possible that your tastebuds may have a different preference. Take this quiz and see where your palate stands.

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Would You Rather Eat Boomer Foods or Millennial Foods? Quiz Questions

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