Build Your Fictional Family and We’ll Reveal What Your Family Looks Like 5 Years from Now

Families come in all shapes, sizes and forms.

We know how much movies and TV shows can influence our personal expectations. Sometimes we are jealous of the characters for having the ideal family members.

Did you ever watch Gilmore Girls and envy how close Lorelai and Rory were? Their friendly take on a mother-daughter relationship left us wishing our moms were our best friends. Or did you want a dad like Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead? No matter the circumstances, even in a crazy zombie apocalypse, he'd ensure his kids' humanity is maintained. Did you ever watch Glee and wish you had the care and concern Finn showed his brother Kurt, or did you wish to have fun with your sibling as much as the twins did in The Parent Trap?

If you'd want any other family members, use this quiz to build your ideal fictional family. What you create will determine how your own family will look like in just 5 years.

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