Can You Beat Your Friends in This “Jeopardy!” Quiz?

This is Jeopardy!

Jeopardy! is a game show loved all over the world. The game show may have a simple premise of answering trivia questions but, not everyone can become a champion in the game. So how do you become a champ? There's a lot of work involved, so be warned. Here are some tips from a previous winner for you to gain victory!

You may think of the broad range of questions and find it impossible to study but, with the right mindset, you can (and have to) get it done! You have to study smart too, by understanding your strengths and weaknesses and spending a little more time on the latter. If you can, watch the show religiously and find a recurring pattern to get into the minds of the clue writers.

If you need a little more practice before going on the actual show, this quiz is just for you. Answer these questions asked on Jeopardy! and you can find out if you're ready to go on the show as a contestant!

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Can You Beat Your Friends in This Jeopardy! Quiz? Questions

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