ğŸŒŽ Can You Guess the Country from Its Outline?

Google Maps won't help you now.

There are 195 countries in the world. If we were to ask you to identify every single one of them on a map, can you do it? This task is considerably more difficult these days as we hardly look at the atlas anymore. To add to the complication, there are places with similar geographical outlines around the world!

For example, a place in Ireland known as Monaghan has the same outline as Iraq! The confusion has even caused some political tension. Another similarity exists between Portugal's southernmost province, Algarve, and Portugal itself. With a bit of rotation, the outlines look like carbon copies. But the most similar outlines come in the form U.S. states Wyoming and Colorado - the outlines are both rectangles!

In this quiz, you will be tested based on how well you know the world map! Look at the outline of a country and see if you can guess which country is shaped that way on the map. How many can you identify?

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ğŸŒŽ Can You Guess the Country from Its Outline? Quiz Questions

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