Can You Pass a 1954 Home Economics Class?

Just how good are your homemaking skills?

A home economics class today is very different from one in the fifties. In the past, roles were closely defined by gender and age. The breadwinner of the family was usually the father while the mother cooks, rears the children and manages the house. In addition, there were other strict guidelines, including some that may seem bizarre by today's standards, that were taught in home economics lessons back then.

Here's the 1954 edition of Experiences in Homemaking, a textbook used in high school home economics. Food preparation, homemaking skills, personality development, as well as social etiquette were taught using this book. There were also many routines that students learned back then, such as the sequence of washing dishes, how to get along with boys and introducing friends to their parents.

How would you fare in a home economics class during the 1950s? Answer the following questions based on the 1954 home ec textbook and we'll find out!

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Can You Pass a 1954 Home Economics Class? Quiz Questions

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