Can You Pass an 8th Grade Test from 1912?

Are you smarter than an 8th grader in 1912?

Do you think you could've done well as an 8th grader back in the day? We're talking about 105 years back - in 1912! It's a common misconception that education was way easier previously; back then, those 13-year-old students had to memorize huge amounts of notes on various subjects.

We've compiled questions from an actual 8th grade exam held in Kentucky schools more than one hundred years ago, featuring multiple subjects such as history, biology, mathematics and more. To make it easier, we're giving you multiple-choice answers that those early-20th-century students didn't have the luxury of getting. See how good of a test taker you are in this tricky and old-timey exam. Let us know how well you did by sharing your results!

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Can You Pass an 8th Grade Test from 1912? Quiz Questions

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