Can You Pass This Elementary School Math Quiz?

Ready those brain cells.

Does the thought of doing arithmetic and mental calculation make you break out in a cold sweat? Many people tend to fear a little number work, especially when working without a calculator, but most straightforward math questions can be solved by thinking clearly and breaking things down into logical steps.

Kids today are learning how to work out some serious math problems in elementary school. It's more than just counting, shapes, basic addition and subtraction. They are also picking up the core skills they'll need for high school and beyond.

Nevertheless, some childrenโ€”and adultsโ€”genuinely struggle. Take a shot at these elementary math problems. Can you ace this quiz? Do you believe that you can tackle any math questions that come your way? Take this test to see if you can keep up with the average elementary school child. Grab some pen and paper if you wishโ€”or not, and prepare for a serious mind workout.

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