Can You Pass This Very British Food Quiz?

Is your knowledge of British foods exceptional or half-baked?

People of Great Britain are immensely proud of their unique national dishes and traditions. One example is the British Sunday lunch, also known as a Sunday Roast, that is the very heart of British food and cooking. Family and friends get together each week for a meal of meat, potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, sausages, stuffing, vegetables, and gravy. This scrumptious meal is a big part of British culture and something that many Britsย look forward to all week.

Today, different cultures lend their influences to British cuisine. Modern interpretation fuses multiple tastes and cooking methods into the dishes. Traditional lamb shanks, beef roasts, savoury pies, and desserts have been reinvented by adding spices, herbs and ingredients featured in other cultures.

We've lined up a string of uniquely British dishes that you may or may not have heard of in this mouthwatering quiz. Have a go and see if you can guess the name of these delicious foods correctly. Don't worry, you've got a one in three chance at getting them right!

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