How Close to 20/20 Can You Score on This General Knowledge Quiz?

Do you know a lot about a little? Or a little about a lot?

With the world becoming increasingly connected, it is important to be in tune with the latest happenings. Not only should we be aware of what is going on in our immediate circles and neighborhood, but also the world around us. Limiting ourselves to just knowing a small area may be detrimental.

When planning a vacation to the other side of the world, not being updated on the current events or climate of the place may leave you unprepared. There may be a medical emergency, increase in crimes, or even a disaster warning. Imagine being left in the dark during such scary situations. Your knowledge of current affairs also boosts the impression people have of you. You will be seen as someone who is well informed and intelligent.

Do you think you are well-versed in your general knowledge? Show off what you know in this quiz! Let's see how close you can get to the highest score possible of 20 over 20.

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How Close to 20 Can You Score on This General Knowledge Quiz? Questions

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