🍿 Can You Spot the 50 Movies Hidden in This Picture?

Are you a movie buff? Try to spot the 50 movies hidden in this cryptic puzzle!

🍿 Can You Spot the 50 Movies Hidden in This Picture? Quiz

Are you a movie buff with an encyclopedia of film knowledge up your sleeve? Do you have a knack for solving cryptic puzzles? Are you a skilled procrastinator? If you tick one or all of these boxes, then prepare to spend the next hour or so solving this cryptic film puzzle.

This puzzle is hidden with references to 50 movies. Scour through the picture and put your film knowledge to the test!

How to play

  • Type your answers in the text box just above the picture.
  • Correct answers will flash green and increase your score by one.
  • Wrong answers will flash red when you hit enter. Keep trying!
  • You have 50:00 minutes to get all the answers.
  • Answers may be entered in any sequence.
  • You can pause the game at any time.
  • Scroll to view the full picture if you are playing on a smaller device.

Quiz Playlist

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