Prove Your ๐Ÿงช Chemistry Prowess by Getting at Least 15/20 on This Element Symbols Quiz

How much chemistry knowledge do your brains hold?

Even though science is primarily about the world around us, the people and the animals, the seasons and the stars in the sky, many people may have forgotten what they learned in school. Some science facts are so mind-boggling that they sound bogus โ€” but they're actually completely true. Do you know that it can rain diamonds on Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn? Their atmospheres have such extreme pressure that they can crystallize carbon atoms and turn them into diamonds! Here's another factoid you may not know: no life form or even light can survive if they were to enter a black hole, like the one at the centre of our galaxy, the Milky Way.

When was the last time you had a look at the periodic table of elements? If it has been a while, you now have the opportunity to brush up on your knowledge and refresh your memory about some of the 118 identified chemical elements. Complete this quiz to find out how knowledgeable you are when it comes to the elements and their symbols. You'll have to know a lot about science in order to pass.

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