🎄 Decorate Your House for Christmas and We’ll Give You a Hot Celeb to Kiss Under the Mistletoe

Don't forget the lip balm.

Around this time of the year, there's one thing that everyone thinks about - Christmas! Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas Is You gets stuck in your head from all the radio airtime it gets. You get busy making plans for Christmas, shopping for gifts, and spend some time making your house look as festive as possible. Is it even the holiday season if you haven't got a Christmas tree up in your home?

Of course, the luscious spruce or pine tree is the star of the show to many, but it's also important to decorate the rest of the house too! Christmas stockings, mats, figurines, lights, and wreaths are some of the things you should shop for before it's too late. Not forgetting some unique ornaments for the tree and mistletoe for... you know 😏

We think you're going to enjoy picking out your favorite Christmas decorations in this quiz. As a bonus, your final choices will determine which hot celebrity you'll be kissing under the mistletoe!

Quiz Playlist

Christmas Quizzes
  1. Are These Christmas Photos from the 1960s or 1970s?
  2. Are You on Santa’s 🎅 Naughty or Nice List?
  3. Can You Get a Perfect Score on This Christmas Trivia Questions Quiz? 🎄
  4. Can You Name These Famous Christmas Songs?
  5. Christmas Around the World! 🎄 Can You Guess These Worldwide Traditions?
  6. Do You Actually Prefer 🥧 Holiday Food or 🐶 Puppies?
  7. Ho-Ho-Hold Up! Are You Prepared for the Most Epic Christmas Geography Quiz Ever?
  8. If You Can Identify 15/20 of These Words, You’re Most Definitely Ready for Christmas
  9. If You Can Tell Which of These Words Are Naughty or Nice, You’re a Real Wordsmith
  10. It’s Time to Find Out What Your 🥳 Holiday Vibe Is With the 🎄 Christmas Feast You Plan
  11. Tis the Season for Music! Can You Sleigh Our Ultimate Christmas Song Trivia Quiz?
  12. What Christmas Dessert Are You?
  13. What Does Your New Year Hold? Find Out by Eating a Multi-Course Festive Buffet
  14. What Christmas Food Am I?
  15. Will You Make It to the Naughty or Nice List This Year?
  16. 🎄 Can We Guess Which Decade of Life You’re in Based on Your Christmas Food Preferences?
  17. 🎄 Can You Name These Famous Christmas Movies?
  18. 🎄 Can You Pass a Jolly Christmas Trivia Quiz?
  19. 🎅 Can You Solve These Christmas Anagrams?
  20. 🎄 Decorate Your Christmas Tree and We’ll Reveal How Old You REALLY Act
  21. 🎄 Decorate Your House for Christmas and We’ll Give You a Hot Celeb to Kiss Under the Mistletoe
  22. 🎄 Rate These Popular Christmas Songs and We’ll Guess How Old You Are


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