๐ŸŒˆ Every Answer to This Idiom Quiz Is a Color โ€“ I’ll Be Impressed If You Can Solve Them All

Will this quiz make you see red?

Colors are everywhere; their wide range and variety fills our world with beauty. Colors help us remember objects, influences our choices, and sparks our emotions. They make nature, architecture, logos, fashion,ย flags, food and art much more interesting and diverse.

Imagine a world without color. Life would be like living in a black and white TV show. Black, white, grey. Blacks. Whites. Greys in various tones over and over. If we can't see color, we would not appreciate nature as much as it is colored. Sunsets would not be as brilliant. Your favorite food would not seem quite as delicious. Fashion would not be as exciting. Thank goodness for colors!

Colors go beyond the sensory; they color our languages as well. Many English phrases utilize colors. This quiz features several idioms and expressions that areย based on colors. Have a go at this colorful quiz and see if you can identify what the missing color is in each of these common idioms.

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