💬 Can You *Actually* Get More Than 15 on This 20-Question Quiz About Common Idioms and Sayings?

Can you wrap your head around these sayings?

Idioms and proverbs are often an important part of a language. Idioms are expressions which have a meaning which cannot be understood from the individual words themselves. Proverbs are short, well-known sayings, often of unknown origin, which express a truth based on common sense or experience.

The use of idioms and proverbs can make a piece of writing more interesting and can also help to convey a message more clearly. They are used to describe feelings or situations and can add a lot of meaning to what someone is saying. There are many idioms and sayings in English that are used in everyday conversation.

In this quiz, you will be tested on your understanding of various commonly used idioms, proverbs and sayings in the English language. Not only would you be asked to complete certain expressions, you will also be quizzed on their meanings. Obviously, you would need to be a well-read person to ace this quiz. Think you can do it?

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Can You Get More Than 15 on This 20-Question Quiz About Common Idioms & Sayings? Questions

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