The Countries You Choose from A to Z Will Reveal What 🧇 Breakfast Food Matches Your Vibe

Trust us, it's science.

Everyone has a different travel personality. Some people like to be relaxed and off the grid, others like to be constantly on the go. No matter what your travel personality is, there is always a place to suit your needs.

This quiz will prompt you to choose your most desired country to visit for every letter of the English alphabet. Never mind if you have never traveled to these places or the fact that you know you will never visit them. It's all hypothetical. The nations you choose for each letter from A to Z can be used to give you a clearer understanding of yourself. Through your preferences amongst the close to 200 countries of the world, we can tell how chill or adventurous you are. Your results will be used to determine the type of breakfast food that best represents your personality. It may not necessarily be the food you like the most, just simply the one that is most like you.

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