Can You Identify These Countries by Their 2nd Most Famous Sights?

Are you the eighth wonder of the quizzing world?

There are many countries in the world that attract millions of tourists each year looking to visit their famous landmarks. Most people are familiar with the Colosseum in Italy, Eiffel Tower in France, and Mount Fuji in Japan. But what about the sights that aren't quite as popular? This quiz throws the spotlight on the second most famous landmarks of various countries. Your job is to match them correctly to the countries they can be found in.

This quiz won't be as easy as if we had done it with the top landmarks for each country. If you do well on this quiz then you can rest assured you know more than the average person in terms of geography. Even if you don't do well, at least you will have learned a new thing or two about the famous sights that exist in the world that you didn't know about previously, and can add them to your travel bucket list the next time you visit these countries!

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