Create Your Dream Band and We’ll Tell You How Successful It Will Be

You can have both Elvis and Madonna.

In the realm of musical groups, it's important for band members to be able to work together. Some of the most successful bands have the natural chemistry between them. However, a lot of bands were formed with members that were strangers at one point of time and earned equivalent success.

The members of Pink Floyd didn't know each other until they were schoolmates in London's Regent Street Polytechnic School. Three of them were architecture students while the other one was studying art. Another band of schoolmates is Radiohead, who met at an all-boys grade school. After Slash and Steve Adler placed an ad for a bass player, they found Duff McKagan to form the famed Guns N' Roses.

In this quiz, you get to form your dream band by putting together the musicians that you admire. Ever wonder how Bruno Mars will fare in a band with Slash? The music artistes you choose will determine how successful your band will be!

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