๐ŸŽ€ Design a Completely Pink Bedroom and We’ll Guess How Old You Are

Fifty shades of pink.

The bedroom is your spot to relax and get away from everything else. When you finally get your own personal space, it can be a fun, challenging, and enjoyable task to design it. Once you've come to a decision as to what color scheme to go for, the rest will fall into place.

Green is a color you should highly consider, as it has elements of both warm and cool among its wide variety of hues. If you love the color red and want it on your walls, go for a deep shade instead of a stimulating tone. Pink makes a great color for the bedroom, and not just for those in touch with their feminine side. The color gives the room a soft, inviting feel when it's a muted tint, and a sophisticated look when it's a darker shade.

It's time to design your own pink bedroom! Pick out all the pretty-in-pink furniture, furnishings, and lighting and we'll guess your age accurately.

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