Dip These Foods in Sauces and We’ll Guess Your Eye Color

What's your favorite way to dip?

Most of us enjoy eating a variety of food with condiments to add extra flavor or texture to them. Whether it's a meat, chips, pastries or even raw vegetables, dips just seem to make an otherwise ordinary dish so much better!

Textured, creamy, or nutty, dipping sauces come in different forms in various cuisines all over the world. Be it thick or thin, spicy or sweet, smoky or cheesy, there's a dip to satisfy whatever craving or flavor we are looking for. There's aioli, guacamole, sriracha, marinara sauce, hummus, soy sauce and more from many diverse cultures.

What do you enjoy adding to your food for that extra oomph? Let us know how you would like to amp up the flavors in the following foods to make them super yummy. Choose the sauces that you would love to dip the foods in and we will guess what your eye color is! This will be fun.

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