Only a Disney Scholar Can Get Over 75% On This Geography Quiz

Do you know your Disney geography well?

Disney have hundreds of movies under their belt, set in far-flung places of the world. While many Disney films take place in real places or places inspired by real locations but given fictional names, some may take place in completely fictional kingdoms, empires, or cities.ย You'll have to be well-versed with both the real and fictional settings to do well on this quiz.

It is a particularly exciting time for Disney fans. With theย Disney+ streaming serviceย having been launched recently, fans can watch all their favorite movies and TV shows literally whenever and wherever they want. The Disney catalog also includes Star Wars, Marvel, and more, but for the purpose of this quiz, we're sticking with just Disneyโ€™s traditional films.

From Snow White to The Lion King, Disney cartoons have been with us for generations and they have taken fans to many magical places.ย Disney really does have a large imagination and most fans of Disney movies do too. Letโ€™s see how well you remember all the places you and Disney have traveled to together.

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Only Disney Scholar Can Get Over 75% On This Geography Quiz Questions

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