Can We Accurately Guess Your Zodiac Element Just by the Team of Animals You Build?

We'll make a scientific guess.

Does one's zodiac sign have any effect on his personality? We'd like to think so. After all, the alignment of the stars and planets is said to hold sway over our moods, behaviors, and even our destiny.

A person who likes animals that are small and delicate is probably a Cancer. Cancers are nurturing and compassionate, and they often feel a strong connection to the natural world. If you like animals that are playful and energetic, you are probably a Leo. Leos are confident and outgoing, and they love to be surrounded by life and laughter. Someone who prefers animals that are powerful and regal is probably a Scorpio. Scorpios are intense and passionate, and they are often drawn to creatures that reflect their own enigmatic nature.

If you're curious about how your zodiac sign might influence your personality, look no further. This quiz will pinpoint which of the four zodiac sign elements you are just by your favorite animals. Based on the team of animals you put together, we will be able to figure out the triplicity of zodiac signs you were born under.

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