Getting Full Marks on This General Knowledge Quiz Is the Only Proof You Need to Show You’re the Intelligent Friend

Time to see who's the brainy one.

Ever wondered if you're the smart one amongst your friends? Well, intelligence can be subjective. No one person can truly be the "smart one" in a family or friend group, as intelligence is made up of many different skills and qualities. Everyone likely has their own unique strengths, so it's important to recognize and appreciate the variety of talents that everyone brings to the table. However, there are plenty of ways to measure and develop your intelligence, such as taking IQ tests, reading, and practising problem-solving skills. Of course, another easy way is to take online quizzes like this one.

This quiz is fairly well-rounded, covering most topics under the sun including science, geography, languages, and general trivia. If you have always suspected that you're the brainy one amongst the people you hang out with, this quiz will be able to confirm that. So, without further ado, let's find out now!

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Getting Full Marks on This General Knowledge Quiz Is Only Proof You Need to Show You're Intelligent Friend Questions

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