If You Find This General Knowledge Quiz Easy, You’re Just Very Smart

Test your smarts here.

If You Find This General Knowledge Quiz Easy, You're Very Smart

It takes a lot of stored up random knowledge to do well on a quiz like this but it takes some truly special intellectual ability to get a great score. You won't be able to get by on this mixed knowledge quiz just knowing a lot about one or two subjects. To do well you will have to know a lot about a diverse range of topics.

This quiz will test your knowledge of science, history, literature, geography, pop culture, and much more. Do you know how many states were in the United States during the time of the Civil War in 1861? How about the first ever female prime minister of Canada? If you think you know the answers to these tough general knowledge questions, you might be smart enough to breeze through this quiz. So now go ahead and give it your best shot but it might be best to temper your expectations.

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  30. Do You Have the Smarts to Pass This General Knowledge Test?


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If You Find This General Knowledge Quiz Easy, You're Very Smart Questions