This General Knowledge Quiz Will Stump You Unless You’re Really, REALLY Intelligent

Bet you canโ€™t get 100%.

You may have done a lot of general knowledge quizzes, but you never had a challenge this big... up until now! We're warning you, if you're not of a higher intelligence, this quiz will get the better of you!

To pass this quiz you will need to be well-rounded in your trivia knowledge, including the geographical locations of different places such as the country of Luxembourg, the capital of Belarus, and the famed Harvard University. It would also help if you know some things about sports, like the origin of tennis and baseball stadiums. Knowing what branches of medicine and sciences represent would be an advantage. We could ask you about what the study of society is or what obstetrics represents in medicine. Finally, a little pop culture knowledge wouldn't hurt, with a particular interest in comic book pup Snoopy.

So if you think you can answer such questions, then go ahead and take this quiz! Just try not to let it stump you like we think it will.

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This General Knowledge Quiz Will Stump You Unless You're Really, REALLY Intelligent Questions

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