Can You Guess the TV Show Based on Its Netflix Description?

"Mild-mannered man works for the police department as a blood-splatter analyst but moonlights as a murderer who only targets other killers."

Remember those days you used to flip through channels to watch something decent when your favorite shows weren't on? We've kissed those days goodbye, ever since the rise of video-on-demand services like Netflix. On a day that you've got plenty of time on your hands and want to have a TV marathon, you simply open the app and check out the recommended or trending shows. Before you know it, you've binge watched season 5 of Orange Is the New Black. Netflix is usually spot on with its curation of shows it thinks you'd love and it's not hard to find something to enjoy.

The streaming service houses shows of different genres and languages from past to present. They even produce their own original TV series and movies. Some of the most popular shows of the moment include Stranger Things, House of Cards and Riverdale, all of which are strong award contenders in categories usually dominated by mainstream shows.

If you pride yourself on your knowledge of TV shows, here's your chance to put that to the test. Try to guess the show based on the description you see on its Netflix page. Can you name them all?

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Can You Guess the TV Show by Its Netflix Description? Quiz Questions

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